NAAPAC has been a defender of the industry since its inception in 1977 and has worked to elect pro-industry candidates to Congress.

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National Apartment Association PAC

Hello! Thank you to all the generous members of the rental housing community who helped NAAPAC raise over $1.175 million in 2023! When NAAPAC first raised over $1 million for the first time in 2022, your support helped ensure that 97% of NAAPAC-supported candidates won their general election in November. And NAA was able to ensure that Congress included nearly $100 million in grant funding for 2023 to help cities and states lower barriers to developing new apartment housing. 

In our current 2024 election cycle, despite razor thin majorities in Congress, NAA is continuing to push forward with responsible and sustainable solutions that support both renters and housing providers and that work to address our nation’s housing affordability crisis for years to come.

There will be more work to do to move our agenda ahead in these elections and next year when the new Congress convenes. Our industry needs your help and your investment.

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