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Praying Caring Sharing

 Growing In Faith Together In ...
   a life of faith... PRAYING
     a life of hope .... CARING
       a life of charity..... SHARING

About Cathedral of St. Peter's
409 N. 15th
Kansas City, Kansas 66102
Pastor Fr. Harry Schneider
Parish Office 913-371-0840
Web page www.cathedralkck.org

Sunday Liturgies
   Saturday 4:00 pm
   Sunday 9:00 am, 11:00 am, (12:45 pm Spanish)
                5:00 pm
Weekday Masses
   Monday 6:45 am
   Tuesday 8:15 am
   Wednesday 6:45 am
   Thursday 8:15 am
   Friday 6:45 am
   Saturday 3:00-3:45 pm
   During Lent 6:00 pm every Wednesday
   Anytime by appointment

  Please contact Fr. Harry Schneider at least six months prior to proposed wedding date

  Baptisms are arranged through the Pastor. Make arrangements contact the Parish Office 913-371-0840

School of Religion
Religious Education classes are weekly for grades Kindergarten through Confirmation age. Please visit our RE page at www.cathedralkck.org
 Contact Martha Ramirez at mramirez@cathedralkck.org

St. Peter Cathedral
409 N. 15th
Kansas City, KS 66102