NAAPAC has been a defender of the industry since its inception in 1977 and has worked to elect pro-industry candidates to Congress.

AAKC 2020 Questionnaire Contest

AAKC 2020 Questionnaire Contest

Apartment Association of Kansas City

Win $750!

All entries with the correct answers will be entered to win!

One lucky winner will receive the grand prize!

NAAPAC is the political action committee of the National

Apartment Association. Only members of the NAA and its

affiliates may contribute to NAAPAC. Contributions to

NAAPAC are used in connection with federal elections.

NAAPAC contributions are not tax deductible. All contributions

to NAAPAC are voluntary. You may refuse to contribute without

reprisal. Federal law requires political committees to report the

name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer for

each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of

$200 in a calendar year.


• GRAND PRIZE of $750!


• Contest open to all members of NAA and its affiliates, and their spouses*

• $10 per entry (Personal contributions only, no corporate contributions!)

• Last day to enter - September 15, 2020

• Winner will be announced - September 16, 2020


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