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The Mission of Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy is to prepare students for entrepreneurial leadership in the 21st century by providing a nurturing environment and rigorous learning experiences for successful competition in a global society.

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  • 3400 Paseo Blvd
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Lee A Tolbert Community  Academy

Celebrating 20 Years In Counting!

Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy is a K-8 public charter school offering rigorous learning experiences that inspire students. 

Established in 1999, Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy is a public entrepreneur-themed charter school. It is named in honor of Lee A. Tolbert, a local minister who, along with his wife, raised six children who graduated as successful citizens from the Kansas City Public School District. 

Located at 3400 Paseo in midtown Kansas City, Missouri, Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy (LATCA) is primarily housed in the 24-classroom educational wing of the Victorious Life Church. This location provides access to the main auditorium, a full court gymnasium, cafeteria, kitchen, and additional classrooms in the church annex. 

Approximately 500 students in grades K-8 attend LATCA. Our model emphasizes entrepreneurship, leadership, quality teaching and behavioral expectations at every grade level. With an unwavering belief that all children can achieve at high levels, LATCA teachers work together to implement best practices. To reflect our high behavioral expectations, the Academy adopted B.I.S.T. (Behavior Intervention Support Team) as a behavioral management program. This program is based on children being educated in a consistent nurturing environment in which disruptive or hurtful behaviors are stopped through the balance of grace and accountability.   In addition, L.A.T.C.A. is a PBIS school which focuses on providing positive interventions and rewards for students when the expected behavior is accomplished by the scholar.

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